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Engagement evaluation training in Melbourne and Sydney

Evaluating your engagement process is a critical step, and one practitioners don’t always have the time to get right. Attend this upcoming course to get a taste of the latest tools and techniques to make evaluation for your future projects easier, faster and more effective.

CEO of Darzin Software and Simply Stakeholders Allison Hendricks will be collaborating with Max Hardy (Max Hardy Consulting) and Megan Girdler (Future.Boutique) to deliver the one-day course. With their powers combined, they’ll equip you with strategies, tools and resources you can use to report back on your next engagement project like a pro.

The course will be held in Melbourne on 16 October and in Sydney on 27 November, 2018. Tickets include refreshments and takeaway resources and are $480 per person (with 15% group discount for bookings of 3 or more.) Learn more and purchase tickets here:

We’ve design the course for people who:

  • Design or run engagement processes;
  • Lead a team of engagement practitioners;
  • Want to implement consistent standards or introduce new engagement methods to your team/organisation; or
  • Oversee a project for the public sector and have a requirement to demonstrate community input/influence.

These are some of the topics we’ll cover during the course:



Effective evaluation defines meaningful objectives and measures for success at the beginning of a project (rather than thinking about it afterwards). With an evaluation strategy at the outset, you’ll be able to provide more comprehensive reports to community, stakeholders and key decision-makers at the end of the process. This increases transparency for your project and gives everyone peace of mind you ran an authentic process with measurable outcomes.



There are digital tools and consultancy services that can help you to overcome your unique evaluation challenges.

Perhaps you struggle to find time and resources to effectively review/tag a large number of community responses? The answer could be to use a system with artificial intelligence and sentiment analysis to streamline the review process. Or, you could work with an agency that specialises in turning community contributions into actionable insights.

Maybe you aren’t sure how to effectively measure digital engagement? The training will demystify engagement data you’re getting via facebook, mailchimp and your website, to make digital evaluation a breeze.



Depending on the type of project you’re delivering, you could be measuring: reach of your activities; social outcomes; behaviour change; or any number of other metrics. With our easy takeaway engagement plan, you’ll be able to measure the most relevant outcomes for your project and cut through the noise. [MG1]

If you’re interested in doing this course, but are not located in Melbourne or Sydney, please let us know as it’s possible we’ll announce more dates/locations in 2019 for this course. For our friends in Melbourne and Sydney – we hope to see you later this year!

 Purchase tickets here!

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