Case Studies

Epping Forest District Council - Local Plan Consultation

Epping Forest District Council has been working to produce a new up-to-date Local Plan, which will set out the plans and policies to guide development in Epping Forest District up until 2033.

Community Engagement on Future Flood Risks

Lake Macquarie is located on the east coast of Australia and one of the largest cities in New South Wales. Lake Macquarie City Council provides the community with a diverse range of products and[...]

Aldi UK - Public Consultation on Development Projects

Aldi have an ambitious UK investment and development program. Aldi are always looking for sites with a catchment population in excess of 10,000 and ideally situated on principal roads with[...]

Peel Energy - Scout Moor Expansion Planning Application Consultation

Peel Energy is at the forefront of delivering low carbon energy for the UK. Peel Energy has a balanced portfolio in generation or development including wind, tidal and hydro power, solar power and[...]

NSW Department of Planning Long-term Stakeholder CRM

In 2004 when the Department of Planning was preparing a Metropolitan Strategy for Sydney they started using Darzin Stakeholder CRM to manage the feedback and info line process. They had been using[...]