5 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Consultation Data

Do you put a value on your stakeholder and consultation data? If not, why not? You are investing time and resources into collecting that data, perhaps you've also invested in a stakeholder[...]


The importance of closing the loop in public consultation

"In public consultation, as in any personal relationship, continuity and familiarity build trust and understanding."International Finance Corporation, 1998

Closing the loop is a critical part of[...]

7 Hidden Costs of Not Having Stakeholder Management Software

Wondering if you need specialised Stakeholder Management Software like Darzin? This handy infographic covers some of the 'hidden' costs of not having an adequate system to manage your Public[...]


Selecting the right consultation management/stakeholder relationship management tool


Trying to decide between a CRM (Customer Relation Management) product and a SRMS (Stakeholder Relationship Management System) can be tricky if you haven't been exposed to any of these types of[...]

How to Evaluate Stakeholder Engagement and Consultation


Why don't we evaluate more often? The Stakeholder Engagement/Public Consultation field has grown incredibly over the last decade or two, with higher expectations for consultation,[...]


Being better prepared is key for urgent consultations

The pressure is on.  An urgent decision is needed to prevent foreseen losses.  This is a common scenario for which many Consultors can relate.  Yet it is traditional to ensure that Consultees are[...]

Excellent article: The Death of Expertise

If you've read the comments section on news articles, or online 'debates' you would have seen how increasingly vitriolic and hard-lined they have become. I used to love reading them but now find[...]

When NOT TO Consult


We Stakeholder Engagement practitioners are nothing short of evangelical in our zeal to sing the praises and benefits of consultation/engagement. So much so that I sometimes wonder[...]

Online engagement - three big challenges – how to handle them?


If you've included an online component to your stakeholder engagement or public consultation process, you will have made decisions about the best way to structure the process. There[...]

How to Develop a Stakeholder Engagement Plan


Before beginning the consultation process, it is useful to think about:

  • What are the strategic reasons for consulting with stakeholders at this stage?
  • Who needs to be consulted?
  • [...]

3 keys to succesfully implementing consultation management software


So you're looking for software to help you manage your public consultation process, or just generally for more efficient stakeholder data management. Or perhaps you're not sure if you[...]

Darzin v5 Launch



We're very excited to be releasing the new version of Darzin... just in time for Christmas!

Some of the big changes in version 5:

  • A new cleaner, simpler interface
  • Save the mouse[...]

The story of Darzin Software

New product announcement – Darzin Evaluation Software is here! – Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lotus Notes, Group wise plug-in. Expanded complaint management

Lotus Notes and Groupwise plug-ins to make it easy to move contacts and emails between Lotus Notes or Groupwise and Darzin.