The Darzin Evaluation Framework

free e-book with details of a simple yet robust 360 degree evaluation process for community engagement and public consultation processes.

The e-book details a simple yet effective Evaluation Framework that you can use or adapt for evaluating your engagement and consultation processes. The Evaluation Framework developed by Allison Hendricks of Darzin Software came from the work done in creating the “Brisbane Declaration” at the United Nations conference on Community Engagement.

It also provides a brief overview of some other approaches to evaluation that have been developed over time in the public participation and community engagement industry. We look at some of the key challenges and barriers to evaluation.

Evaluation continues to be a challenging topic. We hope this Evaluation Framework can help you on your journey to developing an evaluation approach for your process/organisation.

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About the Author:

Allison is the founder and Director of Darzin Software. After 15 years consulting and advising Governments and Businesses on stakeholder engagement, she decided to turn her attention to creating software to support the development of better stakeholder relationships and extracting true meaning from stakeholder data.