Configuration Workshop: Workshop with key users and Senior Management to determine reporting and evaluation needs. A draft structure and filters plan developed at the workshop.

Pre-training Checklist: Start requirements and documentation gathering and internal consultation before the Configuration Workshop.


Import Data: Import existing data from spreadsheets or other systems. Data is imported into the right settings and structure.

Set-Up Filters: Set up the data structure and filters in Darzin. Review prioir to finalising.

Documentation: Develop Darzin protocols document, system management plan, custom training materials based on Darzin template.



User Training: Hands-on training for all users in how to use Darzin. Training done with filters and existing data in place for better training outcomes. 

Administrator Training: Training for administrators and super-users - focusing on Administrator tasks, team management, data review and maintenance. Train the trainer style training if appropriate - to skill internal people to deliver additional user training.