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Stakeholder Management Made Easy

Easily manage your stakeholders with Darzin, the most powerful stakeholder engagement tool in the world.

It’s also super-easy to use. With just a few clicks, you can understand, manage and engage all your stakeholders. Their relationships, interactions, feedback, sentiment and much more… So you don’t need a huge team to keep your project on track.

Stakeholder Engagement

Understand your stakeholders

Easier planning. More effective consultation
manager. See who knows who, what they’ve been
saying, how they feel about certain issues, and
what conversations your team has had with them
(and their entire organisation).

And create your own fields to capture and
visualise more info – like stakeholder analysis and
stakeholder mapping results. It’s stakeholder
engagement done smarter.

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Track issues & what
stakeholders think
about them

Issue management is easy with Darzin
stakeholder engagement software..
Highlight the key part of any article, email
or survey response, and associate it with
an issue in your project. Or if it’s a quote,
associate it with the person who said it.

Then the latest information and opinions
on all your important issues are just a click

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Manage Grievances

Integrated grievance and stakeholder relationship
. Create your own custom fields and
set up automatic notification and escalation rules
to track all your grievances and complaints.
Darzin’s qualitative analysis of grievances gives
you useful and sophisticated stakeholder
 reports that include response times,
issue trends, maps of grievances by issue, and

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See all your conversations
with any organisation

See all the contacts in each stakeholder
organisation, and track every interaction your
team has with them.

So the conversation isn’t limited to just the
individual having it. You can give others access so
they can help out, or just to share learnings and
improve consistency in your messaging. And if
someone leaves, their knowledge doesn’t leave
with them.

80+ intuitive reports

With Darzin, you’re not just collecting data for the sake of it.

Choose from 80+ intuitive community engagement reports that turn your data into something you can actually use.

No matter what sort of data it is – qualitative, quantitative or spatial – you get an easy-to-understand insight into what it really means for your stakeholder engagement.

Create charts, lists, maps and more. Get useful information out of your data, in report formats that are easy for your team and decision makers to use and understand.

Survey stakeholders
with a tool
that’s designed for it

Feedback forms, event registration, formal
evaluations, online submissions. When you
need your stakeholders to answer
questions, Darzin is the tool to use.

Creating forms and publishing them on
your website is easy, even if you want
respondents to upload files. And Darzin
does a whole bunch of stuff tools like
Survey Monkey can’t. Like qualitative
analysis of open text responses,
integration with your stakeholder
management system
 and embedding
surveys on your own web page.

Submissions Management

Submissions management is faster and more
effective with Darzin. You not only get more
transparent analysis, you’re processing the
submissions faster, without having to handle each
one multiple times.

Unlike an excel spreadsheet, multiple people can
work on it at the same time, and you don’t lose
sight of the key themes and emerging issues as
you are working through the submissions.

Producing useful public consultation reports does
not require any special skill either.

Even More

Manage events without 3rd party tools

Send invites, track attendees, generate agendas & minutes, allocate issues raised to the contacts who raised them, and assign them to staff for action.

Bulk email & letters

Send custom-formatted bulk emails from your own account, and mail-merge letters to your distribution list. No technical skills required.

Proper security & collaboration

Easily control who sees what, and what they can do with it. Lock it down tight, give only some people access, or share with the entire project or division.

More than a CRM

A sales focused CRM cannot give you rich analysis of the feedback, issues and needs of your stakeholders like Darzin can. Darzin has been designed for stakeholder engagement and public consultation and does more than any CRM.

Manage tasks & commitments

Get reminders about tasks, commitments and complaints. Plus a history of all interactions and corrective actions, and reports for compliance audits.

We really *get* stakeholder engagement – we’re not just software developers

See how we help teams just like yours.

Is Darzin for you?

To chat about how Darzin could handle your
stakeholder engagement needs, please get in touch.

We may even be able to give you some process
tips on the phone:  + 61 294 975 011