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Qualitative Analysis

Feedback is critical to your understanding and your relationships. But the more you receive, the harder it is to make sense of. With Darzin’s unique qualitative analysis features, you can easily develop a true understanding of what your stakeholders are saying. No other CRM in the world can match it.

See comments made on an issue

There’s nothing like seeing a direct quote on an issue, in the stakeholder’s own words, to understand the context and full meaning of the issue.

In any channel

No more data silos. With Darzin, you can track issues across virtually any channel, from meeting minutes to surveys, emails to mass media.
Drill right down
Want to understand what a particular group of stakeholders says about an issue? Or see Facebook comments about it? Or comments made in a workshop? With Darzin’s precise filters, you can quickly and easily slice-and-dice your data for incredibly granular insights.
Filter out the noise
Want to see the comments on energy policy but not those related to climate change? Easy! Use Boolean searches to look for subsets in your data.
See where people
who raise issues are
Drill down on issues to see on a map where the people who raised them are located.
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How easy qualitative analysis is
Create your classification tree (we’ll provide best-practice examples of what others in your industry track).
Highlight text in any interaction (survey response, email, meeting notes, media article), select the relevant categories (e.g. ‘reputation’), and click ‘Classify’.
Your reports will then show callout quotes, rather than just saying 25 people raised ‘reputation’ as an issue. You’ll see exactly what they said, and what groups and areas they come from.

Case Studies

BWA: Managing Engagement Data with a Long-term View
An Alliance between Barwon Water, GHD and John Holland was formed in July 2009. Over its five-year life, the alliance was responsible for more than 120 projects work AU$375 million. This was the most ambitious capital works program in Barwon Water’s history to ensure safe and reliable water to meet future development in one of […]
Community Consultation for Australia’s Largest Road Project
Infrastructure Project: Eastlink, Victoria – Thiess John Holland EastLink is a $2.5 billion mega project connecting Melbourne’s eastern and south-eastern suburbs between the existing Eastern, Monash and Peninsula Freeways. The toll road includes 39 kilometres of roadway, 88 bridges, two tunnels, bicycle and pedestrian paths, and extensive urban design and landscaping. At the time of construction, it […]
Inpex’s Ichthys – Community Engagement for a Mega Project
Three mega-projects rolled into one Located about 220 kilometres offshore Western Australia, Ichthys represents the largest discovery of hydrocarbon liquids in Australia in 40 years. The Ichthys LNG Project is currently in construction and is ranked among the most significant oil and gas projects in the world. The project is effectively three mega-projects rolled into one, involving […]

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