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Stakeholder Engagement

Darzin is the base you’ve always needed. One, single platform for all your engagement activities. No matter how many stakeholders, how many communication channels or what those channels are, Darzin has you covered.

Track all activities
& feedback

Keep all your key activities perfectly coordinated and properly paced, with a shared team calendar. All stakeholder feedback too. With just the click of a button, you can see who's been interacting with a stakeholder, when, and what they both said. You can also quickly search for important information.

Consistent data
within a team

Everyone in your team sees the same data. So there are no silos, and no double entry. Whether it was an online or face-to-face interaction, all the information you need is in one place.

Easily create surveys
and publish them on your site

With Darzin, collecting stakeholder feedback is simple. You can quickly and easily create surveys, then seamlessly publish them on your site. And when someone completes the survey, their responses are saved directly to their contact record in Darzin.

Long-term use
of your data

Never lose your data... or the ability to report on it. Whether it’s from an online discussion forum, a survey, a face-to-face meeting or an email, your data’s always there, and you can always tap into it and truly understand it.
Tailored data
for different teams
You have full control over what your teams see. You can share some information across teams and projects, and limit other information to just one team or a few individuals.
Quickly make sense
of text-rich feedback
Feedback is critical to your understanding and your relationships. But the more you receive, the harder it is to make sense of. With Darzin’s unique qualitative analysis features, you can easily develop a true understanding of what your stakeholders are saying.
And all very easy
for your team to use
Everything in Darzin is easy to use. There’s a very short learning curve, so your team will spend more time doing their jobs and less time wrestling with tools. And because it’s an online platform, they can use it from anywhere.
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Case Studies

White Rose CCS – Public Consultation for the FEED Studies
The White Rose Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Project was a proposal to build a new, state-of-the-art 448 MW (gross) ultra-supercritical oxy-fuel coal-fired power plant. Capture Power Limited, a consortium of Alstom, Drax and BOC in partnership with National Grid, was to deliver the project. The proposed power plant was located at the existing Drax […]
Community Engagement in an Award Winning Alliance Project
Auckland’s Clear Harbour Alliance, a jointly funded project by Metrowater and Auckland City Council that involved engineering companies Opus International Consultants, GHD and contractor Downer EDI Works was recognised as a Highly Commended Team of Excellence in a Project Alliance at the Alliancing Association of Australasia’s (AAA) Excellence Awards in Melbourne. Award Winning Alliance Project […]
Managing Stakeholder Engagement across NZTA Major Projects
Managing stakeholder engagement for the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) has helped to create transport solutions for a thriving New Zealand.  NZTA achieves this through four core business functions: Planning the land transport networks Investing in land transport Managing the state highway network Providing access to and use of the land transport system. Darzin is […]

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