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When you’re managing public submissions and consultations for highly visible, large-scale projects, it’s essential that everyone’s on the same page. A chaotic jumble of spreadsheets and individual approaches undermines internal visibility and is completely unsustainable.

You need a single, centralized, standardardized approach to managing information across all your teams and locations. Not just a generic CRM, but a stakeholder CRM. A solution that’s specifically designed for stakeholder engagement. One that will help you make sense of all the information, no matter what channel it comes from.

Only then can you effectively understand community opinions and improve your service levels.

One source of truth

No silos and no double entry. Darzin gives your teams a single source of truth and learning, no matter where they’re located.

Stakeholder mapping

Segment your stakeholders based on their level of influence, interest and impact. Then you can easily see who’s most important, and how well you’re engaging with them. As a result, you’ll improve your service levels and ensure accountability across your teams.

Easily make sense
of survey responses

With in-built qualitative analysis, making sense of text-rich feedback on submissions is simple. Darzin gives you dozens of built-in reports, so you can get a clear understanding of the key issues and themes within survey results, without any work.

Manage tasks
& grievances

Stay on top of commitments with automatic notifications about follow-up tasks and formal grievances, as well as built-in response time tracking.

Automatically save
emails to Darzin

Simply add the Outlook or Gmail plugin, and all your emails will automatically save to the appropriate contact in Darzin. And if the contact isn’t there yet, Darzin will create it.
Monitor key stakeholder relationships across teams and locations
If you have multiple operations or projects, you can report on an individual project, all projects within an area (e.g. a country) or all projects across your entire organization. So you can stay on top of engagement activities, key relationships and important issues, no matter where they’re happening in your organization. And you can share across teams too.
Shared calendar
of events
Keep all your key activities and community meetings perfectly coordinated, across all areas of your team or department, with a shared team calendar.
80+ insightful,
automatic reports
Get instant insight, automatic into critical issues, so you can easily plan where to focus your efforts. Darzin’s reports combine qualitative, quantitative and spatial analysis to reveal common themes, and areas of agreement or dissent. All you have to do is choose the frequency!
See how your
stakeholders feel
Darzin uses powerful artificial intelligence (AI) to objectively estimate the sentiment of all your interactions (including that from social media, traditional media, online forums and more), free from human bias and preconceptions. So you can see what engagement methods your stakeholders prefer, and how they actually feel about specific issues.
Easy to use
& free support
Darzin is as easy as it is powerful. Your team will be up and running in just XX days, and you’ll enjoy free, comprehensive telephone support from our team of product experts.
Safe & secure
Darzin provides a safe, secure environment for the management and storage of stakeholder data. High-security, Microsoft Azure data centres in your region (including Australia, UK, EU, USA) Single sign-in Group and individual permissions
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Case Studies

NSW Department of Planning Long-term Stakeholder CRM
In 2004 when the Department of Planning was preparing a Metropolitan Strategy for Sydney they started using Darzin Stakeholder CRM to manage the feedback and info line process. They had been using spreadsheets – individual spreadsheets used by each of the ten staff who were answering the information line. At the end of each day the spreadsheets […]
Consultation Management for the Mega Metro Tunnel
The Metro Tunnel is a $10.9 billion mega project that will start the transformation of Melbourne’s rail network into an international-style metro system. It is a critical city-shaping project and the largest overhaul of Melbourne’s public transport network since construction of the City Loop. The Melbourne Metro Rail Authority (MMRA) is the Victorian Government body responsible for […]
Embed SRM as a Business Function in State Government
Prior to selecting Darzin as their Stakeholder Management Software, the Queensland Department of State Development (DSD) was using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Over time the underlying application and database technologies became obsolete and unsupported by the vendor and the CRM was decommissioned in 2013. Another CRM was implemented as an interim solution to be used […]

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