Easily build your social license & meet consent conditions

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In renewable energy, perhaps more than any other domain, stakeholder engagement is the key to success. 

In order to build a social license, you need to negotiate with landowners, nearby residents, community groups, activists, NGOs and the media. Then you need to demonstrate your compliance with consent conditions in order for your application to be approved. And the more effectively you do the former, the less onerous are the latter.

Darzin is a stakeholder CRM that was designed and built, from the ground up, to do exactly this. You can quickly and easily map and segment your stakeholders, keep their details up to date, and share relevant information between team members. You can easily see who’s been interacting with a stakeholder, when, and what they both said. And you get instant insight into critical issues, so you can easily plan where to focus your efforts.

Minimize project
risk factors

Darzin helps you truly understand your stakeholders. Their needs, their motivations and their concerns. It also ensures you can efficiently manage your obligations and commitments. So you can minimize project delays, reputation damage, unexpected costs and compliance failures, and ensure you don’t lose any funding.

Monitor stakeholders
across multiple project locations

If you have multiple operations or projects, you can report on an individual project, all projects within an area (e.g. a country) or all projects across your entire organization. So you can stay on top of engagement activities, key relationships and important issues, no matter where they’re happening in your organization.

Countless interactions,
one source of truth

Regardless of how many stakeholders you have, how many team members, or how many channels, with Darzin you get one source of truth. Everyone in your team sees the same data. So there are no silos, and no double entry. With just the click of a button, you can see who's been interacting with a stakeholder, when, and what they both said. You can also quickly search for important information.

Manage tasks
& grievances

Understand what the real issues are and what’s causing the most grievances. And stay on top of follow-up tasks with automatic notifications and response time tracking.

Property mapping

Darzin integrates directly with Google Maps, so you can see your stakeholders, interactions or issues on a map, and use a map as your starting point when tracking landowner agreements and access conditions. You can even add your own layers to the map, mark out asset locations or project areas. Each time you run a map report to see where your interactions have been held with stakeholders, or where complaints or issues originated, it will have your project boundaries or other layers in the background, overlaid on google maps

Out of the office?
Just use the app!

With the Darzin mobile app for iOS and Android, you can stay abreast of all the important updates and make quick notes about conversations with stakeholders, even when you’re out of the office.

See how your
stakeholders feel

Darzin uses powerful artificial intelligence (AI) to objectively estimate the sentiment of all your interactions (including that from social media, traditional media, online forums and more), free from human bias and preconceptions. So you can see what engagement methods your stakeholders prefer, and how they actually feel about specific issues.

Stakeholder mapping

Segment your stakeholders based on their level of influence, interest and impact. Then you can easily see who’s most important, and how well you’re engaging with them. As a result, you’ll improve your service levels and ensure accountability across your teams.
Qualitative analysis
of open text responses
Make sense of text-rich responses and submission with in-built qualitative analysis. You get a clear understanding of the key issues and themes - for individual questions or your entire survey.
Mailouts and
letterbox drops
Use Darzin’s property mapping, project updates and disturbances features to send out work notifications and traffic updates (by mail or email), and manage letterbox distribution.
And very easy
for your team to use!
Everything in Darzin is easy to use. There’s a very short learning curve, so your team will spend more time doing their jobs and less time wrestling with tools. And because it’s an online platform, they can use it from anywhere.
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Case Studies

Ergon Energy – Managing Consultation across Regions & Teams
Ergon Energy is an electricity retailer to homes and businesses in regional Queensland. $5.6 billion capital works investment took place in the five-year period from 2011-2016. The investment aimed to deliver a significant increase in capacity available across the state and supports the continued economic growth of regional Queensland. Managing consultation across teams became important […]
Ausgrid Public Consultation on Capital Projects
Ausgrid has been delivering one of Australia’s largest infrastructure programs over five years which aimed to renew and replace the nation’s largest network of electricity substations, poles, and wires (cost: $8 billion). Key investments: 49 new major substations across NSW Replacing 296km of 33,000 Volt and 132,000 Volt cables Expanding $170 million intelligent network program […]
Vattenfall – Public Consultation for Norfolk Vanguard Wind Farm
Organised in two regions: Nordic and Continental/UK, Vattenfall is one of Europe’s largest producers of electricity and the largest producer of heat. In the UK, Vattenfall owns six wind farms totalling 612MW in operation and another 314MW under construction. Public consultation for wind farms is critical to the success of projects, ensuring all compliance and […]

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