Ergon Energy is an electricity retailer to homes and businesses in regional Queensland. $5.6 billion capital works investment took place in the five-year period from 2011-2016. The investment aimed to deliver a significant increase in capacity available across the state and supports the continued economic growth of regional Queensland. Managing consultation across teams became important to its practices.

Ergon implemented Darzin across the organisation in 2011 as a stakeholder engagement software for all development projects in Northern, Central and Southern QLD, in the cities as well as in isolated communities. Public consultation process for Ergon’s major development projects have been undertaken since 2011 to manage consultation across teams:

  • Understand any potential issues or concerns that the public may have about the project development, including discussions with affected landowners
  • Provide the community opportunities for feedback on the proposed corridor
  • Evaluate community feedback and finalise route selection.
  • The public consultation has been carried out via online and offline channels such as community information days, public information evenings, CRG meetings, community newsletters, face to face discussions, emails and phone conversations.
Darzin has been providing a central stakeholder engagement system for:

  • Up-to-date stakeholder contacts and their details for all projects across the regions and sharing of contacts between projects
  • All stakeholder communications from all engagement channels including formal submissions, enquiries, complaints, and compliments
  • Access and share by team members across different projects in different regions in real time – helps share information across the teams easily. Which is an important aspect of Darzin considering the number of teams working on the investment initiatives
  • Access and input from Ergon Energy’s consultant teams on various projects – all data is collected in a consistent manner, and stored in a central location for Ergon’s long term use of that data.
  • Reliable and accurate stakeholder engagement reports on specific projects, or across projects within a region or across all development projects
Ergon staff raising money for the Australian Heart Foundation at the Melbourne Cup

Ergon staff raising money for the Australian Heart Foundation at the Melbourne Cup