There’s no one-size-fits-all solution in stakeholder engagement. So
to give you a price, we’ll need to know exactly what you need.


Number of

Pricing is based on:

  • How many users you need (a user is anyone with their own login); and
  • The license plan you choose
Onboarding & training

All licenses include onboarding and web training, and the cost and inclusions depend on the license you purchase. (Don’t worry, you can always purchase some more training or help importing your data if you need additional hours.)

Integration with other systems

We don’t charge extra if you integrate Darzin with another product (e.g. an SMS service or email distribution service), but you’ll need to have an account – probably a paid subscription – with that product. Your Darzin license fee wouldn’t include that cost.

Get a quote

There are no hidden or additional costs with using Darzin. Please get in touch to tell us about your needs, and we’ll give you a price that covers everything.

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