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Customer support

Darzin may be simple to use, but that doesn’t mean we leave you to do everything yourself. Far from it!

Project setup

We help you identify the right structure and filters for your data, based on industry best practice. This phase includes a configuration workshop, project management of the implementation process and project-specific documentation (protocols document, project management plan, UAT and system management plans if required).

Data import

We help you import your existing data into Darzin. This includes a data conversion plan to determine how existing data should be mapped to the new settings in Darzin.

User training

We train your users in how to use the system. Includes weekly web sessions to provide guidance, training and coaching, as well as train-the-trainer style of training for your super users.

User Training: Hands-on training for all users in how to use Darzin. Training done with filters and existing data in place for better training outcomes.
Administrator Training: Training for administrators and super-users – focusing on Administrator tasks, team management, data review and maintenance. Train the trainer style training if appropriate – to skill internal people to deliver additional user training.

Ongoing support
Phone, chat & email support

Licenses include full support which you can access via email, in-app chat, or phone

Customer success team

Our customer success team will work with you to identify your key goals and support you through the onboarding phase as well as ongoing. They will have regular account review sessions with you to ensure everything is on track and Darzin is helping you achieve your goals.

Depending on your licence you will be provided with a certain amount of hours of training by the experts in our customer success team

Help centre

Darzin has help and self directed learning resources that you can access at any time.

Helpful videos, articles and how to steps on all of our darzin features, user set up and FAQ

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