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Infrastructure projects affect everyone. Not just local residents and businesses, but commuters, freight drivers and companies, environmental organizations, and government departments and agencies. Not to mention the media! And every one of those stakeholders has their own particular needs and concerns.

When your success relies on your ability to keep everyone informed and satisfied, understanding your stakeholders is critical. As is keeping a close eye on all communications with them, tracking grievances, and staying on top of your tasks and obligations.

Darzin makes all of this easy. It’s a CRM that was built, from the ground up, for stakeholder engagement and communication, so it has all the features you need, and it’s surprisingly easy to use.

Manage correspondence between all stakeholders

No matter how many stakeholders you have, how many team members, or how many channels, with Darzin you get one source of truth. Everyone in your team sees the same data. With just the click of a button, you can see who's been interacting with a stakeholder, when, and what they both said. You can also quickly search for important information.

Easily track
all feedback

With Darzin, you can easily track all business, community and stakeholder feedback related to the project. Whether from public consultation, enquiries, complaints, mainstream media, social media or surveys.

Know whose properties
are impacted & how

Document and report on stakeholder engagements from different properties and regions. With Darzin, you can treat affected properties as stakeholders, so you can quickly track related stakeholder relationships, interactions, tasks and history. You can also see at a glance the geographic location of your stakeholders, issues or complaints.

Report across multiple projects

If you have multiple operations or projects, you can report on an individual project, all projects within an area (e.g. a country) or all projects across your entire organization. So you can stay on top of engagement activities, key relationships and important issues, no matter where they’re happening in your organization.

Out of the office?
Just use the app!

With the Darzin mobile app for iOS and Android, you can stay abreast of all the important updates and make quick notes about conversations with stakeholders, even when you’re out of the office.
Mailouts and letterbox drops
Use Darzin’s property mapping, email project updates and text message features to send out work notifications and traffic updates, and manage letterbox distribution.
Meet KPIs
Darzin makes knowledge transfer, data management and accountability easy, so your team will stay on top of tasks and meeting KPIs.
Minimize project
risk factors
Darzin helps you truly understand your stakeholders. Their needs, their motivations and their concerns. It also ensures you can efficiently manage your obligations and commitments. So you can minimize project delays, reputation damage, unexpected costs and compliance failures, and ensure you don’t lose any funding.
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Case Studies

Consultation Management for the Mega Metro Tunnel
The Metro Tunnel is a $10.9 billion mega project that will start the transformation of Melbourne’s rail network into an international-style metro system. It is a critical city-shaping project and the largest overhaul of Melbourne’s public transport network since construction of the City Loop. The Melbourne Metro Rail Authority (MMRA) is the Victorian Government body responsible for […]
Managing Stakeholder Engagement across NZTA Major Projects
Managing stakeholder engagement for the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) has helped to create transport solutions for a thriving New Zealand.  NZTA achieves this through four core business functions: Planning the land transport networks Investing in land transport Managing the state highway network Providing access to and use of the land transport system. Darzin is […]
Community Engagement in an Award Winning Alliance Project
Auckland’s Clear Harbour Alliance, a jointly funded project by Metrowater and Auckland City Council that involved engineering companies Opus International Consultants, GHD and contractor Downer EDI Works was recognised as a Highly Commended Team of Excellence in a Project Alliance at the Alliancing Association of Australasia’s (AAA) Excellence Awards in Melbourne. Award Winning Alliance Project […]

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