Efficiently manage even the most complex stakeholder relationships

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Few domains require the degree of trust, compliance and oversight as health. And justifiably so; the consequences of failing can be profound for thousands – if not millions – of people.

To compound the difficulty, your stakeholders are exceptionally complex and varied, and scrutiny – both public and private – is unparalleled. 

Your success relies, to a great extent, on your ability to maintain impeccable records of interactions with stakeholders, and to reliably and efficiently report on those interactions.

This is exactly what Darzin was designed to do. It’s a CRM that was built, from the ground up, to handle complex stakeholder relationships.

Complex stakeholder mapping made easy

Segment your stakeholders based on their level of influence, interest and impact. Then you can easily facilitate targeted discussions, and track issues and needs.

Custom fields for stakeholders

Create your own custom fields, and track whatever information is uniquely important to you and your stakeholders.

Automatically save emails to Darzin

Simply add the Outlook or Gmail plugin, and all your emails will automatically save to the appropriate contact in Darzin. And if the contact isn’t there yet, Darzin will create it. So your team can easily record key interactions with stakeholders.
Accommodate all their roles & relationships
Easily see your stakeholders’ various roles and associations (e.g. links to other organizations, academic roles, working groups, advisory committees), and track your relationship with them in each.
Slice & dice stakeholder feedback
With a fully customisable dashboard and more than 80 in-built, intuitive reports, you can slice and dice your stakeholder feedback however you need to (e.g. by interest or by functional groups).
And all very easy for your team to use!
Everything in Darzin is easy to use. There’s a very short learning curve, so your team will spend more time doing their jobs and less time wrestling with tools. And because it’s an online platform, they can use it from anywhere.
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Case Studies

Effective Stakeholder Management at QLD Mental Health Commission
Queensland Mental Health Commission (QMHC) was set up under the Queensland Mental Health Act 2013. The Commission’s job is to drive ongoing reform towards a more integrated, evidence-based, recovery-oriented mental health and substance misuse system. QMHC has been able to achieve this through the use of effective stakeholder management in its process. QMHC Key Priorities […]
Stakeholder Engagement for Digital Health Projects
Canada’s Digital Health Initiatives Canada Health Infoway helps to improve the health of Canadians by working with partners to accelerate the development, adoption and effective use of digital health across Canada. Digital health refers to the use of information technology/electronic communication tools, services and processes to deliver health care services or to facilitate better health. Infoway’s vision […]
NDIA – Stakeholder Engagement on the NDIS Rollout
NDIS is a new jointly funded program that largely replaces and enhances existing disability support services provided by the Commonwealth and the States. When fully implemented in 2019-20 the cost of the NDIS is projected to be $22.1 billion per year, with further growth after maturity expected to reach $25 billion by 2022-23. With such […]

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