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With Darzin, collecting stakeholder feedback is simple. You can quickly and easily create surveys, then seamlessly publish them on your site. And when someone completes the survey, their responses are saved directly to their contact record in Darzin. Try doing that with a traditional CRM!

Any sort of survey

Event management, feedback, supplier registers, formal submissions, mailing list signup... Whatever sort of form you need to create, Darzin has you covered.

Qualitative analysis
of open text responses

Make sense of text-rich responses with in-built qualitative analysis. You get a clear understanding of the key issues and themes - for individual questions or your entire survey.
Skip logic
Surveys are most effective when they’re user-friendly. And that means being able to skip certain questions based on your answers to others. Darzin makes this easy.
Publish your survey
on your own site
No technical knowledge required. Just click the ‘Embed’ button, copy the code, and paste it onto your page. No matter where you publish it, the responses go direct to Darzin.
of built-in survey reports
Darzin gives you dozens of built-in reports, so you can see the results of your surveys, without any work. You can quickly cross-tab results, see all responses to a single question, all responses from a particular contact, or export lists and reports to Excel for further analysis.
Trusted by the biggest names
Get survey responses in just minutes
Craft your questions.
Set up an email confirmation to automatically send to respondents.
Click ‘Generate Code’, then copy and paste it to any page on your website to make it live.
Responses are saved direct to the contact’s record in Darzin. If the contact doesn’t exist, Darzin creates it.
Respondents receive your email confirmation as soon as they complete the survey.

Case Studies

Managing Submissions on the NSW State Plan
When the NSW State Government started consultation on their draft plan for the State, they expected to get a large volume of public submissions and feedback, across a huge range of issues. Thousands of people sent in written submissions and hundreds attended meetings and workshops right across the State. The NSW Premiers Department were glad Darzin was […]
Epping Forest District Council – Local Plan Consultation
Epping Forest District Council has been working to produce a new up-to-date Local Plan, which will set out the plans and policies to guide development in Epping Forest District up until 2033. The council consultation was undertaken with complete input from the public. The Draft Local Plan was published for a six-week consultation between October […]
LXRA – Public Consultation for Level Crossing Removals
The Level Crossing Removal Project is a $6 billion mega project which will remove 50 of the most dangerous and congested level crossings across Melbourne over eight years. Removing these level crossings will transform the way people live, work and travel across metropolitan Melbourne and improve safety for drivers and pedestrians. LXRA Public Consultation process proved […]

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