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No other CRM platform in the world can match the power and flexibility of Darzin. It was built, from the ground up, to handle stakeholder management and engagement. So it’s the most powerful solution in the world.

Focus on your most important stakeholders
Segment your stakeholders based on their level of influence, interest and impact. Then you can easily see who’s most important, and how well you’re engaging with them.
See who’s involved & all relationships
See all the people you deal with at a stakeholder organization, and everything anyone from your team is doing with them, all on one page. Even if someone has changed jobs.
Know whose properties are impacted and how
Treat affected properties as stakeholders, so you can quickly track related stakeholder relationships, interactions, tasks and history.
Track any information you want
Create your own custom fields, and track whatever information is uniquely important to you and your stakeholders.
Plan meetings & events
Keep all your key activities perfectly coordinated and properly paced, with a shared team calendar.
Manage tasks & grievances
Stay on top of follow-up tasks and formal grievances with automatic notifications and response time tracking.
Automatically save emails to Darzin
Simply add the Outlook or Gmail plugin, and all your emails will automatically save to the appropriate contact in Darzin. And if the contact isn’t there yet, Darzin will create it.
Track online and in-person interactions
See every interaction, regardless of where it happened. Email, survey, meeting minutes or media, you can see every stakeholder communication, all in the one place.
Create surveys & publish them on your site
Need an easy way to collect detailed feedback? Create a survey in Darzin and publish it on your website. Answers go directly to Darzin and are automatically matched to existing stakeholders
Any sort of survey
Event management, feedback, supplier registers, formal submissions, mailing list signup... Whatever sort of form you need to create, Darzin has you covered.
Even with skip logic
Surveys are most effective when they’re user-friendly. And that means being able to skip certain questions based on your answers to others. Darzin makes this easy.
Qualitative analysis of open text responses
Make sense of text-rich responses with in-built qualitative analysis. You get a clear understanding of the key issues and themes - for individual questions or your entire survey.
Easy media analysis
Use Darzin’s qualitative analysis function to get deeper insight into stakeholder views about specific issues. Works for both traditional media and social media. Integrations and import functions make it easy to track media.
See how your stakeholders feel
Darzin uses powerful artificial intelligence (AI) to objectively estimate the sentiment of all your interactions (including that from social media, traditional media, online forums and more), free from human bias and preconceptions. So you can see what engagement methods your stakeholders prefer, and how they actually feel about specific issues.
Your dashboard gives you an easy snapshot
Staying on top of what’s happening in your project is easy with Darzin’s dashboard. See issue trends and charts, upcoming events, open tasks and grievances, recent interactions, recently added stakeholders, tag clouds, social media feeds and more.
Out of the office? Just use the app!
With the Darzin mobile app for iOS and Android, you can stay abreast of all the important updates and make quick notes about conversations with stakeholders, even when you’re out of the office.
See where people who raise issues are
Drill down on issues to see on a map where the people who raised them are located.
Microsoft Excel import/export
At any time, you can import existing spreadsheets into Darzin, or export Darzin’s search results and reports to Excel spreadsheets.
Report across multiple projects
If you have multiple operations or projects, you can report on an individual project, all projects within an area (e.g. a country) or all projects across your entire organization. So you can stay on top of engagement activities, key relationships and important issues, no matter where they’re happening in your organization.
See comments made on an issue
There’s nothing like seeing a direct quote on an issue, in the stakeholder’s own words, to understand the context and full meaning of the issue.
In any channel
No more data silos. With Darzin, you can track issues across virtually any channel, from meeting minutes to surveys, emails to mass media.
Drill right down
Want to understand what a particular group of stakeholders says about an issue? Or see Facebook comments about it? Or comments made in a workshop? With Darzin’s precise filters, you can quickly and easily slice-and-dice your data for incredibly granular insights.
Filter out the noise
Want to see the comments on energy policy but not those related to climate change? Easy! Use Boolean searches to look for subsets in your data.
Tailored data for different teams
You have full control over what your teams see. You can share some information across teams and projects, and limit other information to just one team or a few individuals.
Long-term use of your data
Never lose your data... or the ability to report on it. Whether it’s from an online discussion forum, a survey, a face-to-face meeting or an email, your data’s always there, and you can always tap into it and truly understand it.
80+ reports
With more than 80 intuitive reports to choose from, you get an easy-to-understand insight into what your data really means. No matter what sort of data it is - qualitative, quantitative or spatial.
And very easy for your team to use!
Everything in Darzin is easy to use. There’s a very short learning curve, so your team will spend more time doing their jobs and less time wrestling with tools. And because it’s an online platform, they can use it from anywhere.

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