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In the real world, a stakeholder engagement CRM tool is only effective if it’s easy to use. And that’s especially true when your teams need to coordinate on so many issues, across so many business areas.

It needs to be something your staff will actually want to use, and which won’t need constant support from IT. Otherwise everyone will just go back to using what they’re using now. And naturally it has to be affordable.

Darzin is that solution. It was built, from the ground up, for stakeholder engagement, so it’s 100% fit-for-purpose, which means it’s fast, easy and intuitive (and has all the features you’d want your IT department to include if they custom-built something for you).

Coordinate across
different sections of Council

See all the people you deal with at a stakeholder organization, and everything anyone from your team is doing with them, all on one page. Even if someone has changed jobs. So you’re always up to date, and you can always deliver consistent messages.

Organized stakeholder lists

Segment your stakeholders into groups based on interest, demographics or whatever makes sense to you. Easier distribution of information, when your next project comes along you can quickly identify the relevant stakeholders who would be interested or should be involved, always have up to date contact lists at your fingertips. A well segmented and up-to-date list can make consultation processes a lot more efficient as well as ensuring the right people are engaged at the right times.

Easily create surveys
and publish them on your site

With Darzin, collecting stakeholder feedback is simple. You can quickly and easily create surveys, then seamlessly publish them on your site. And when someone completes the survey, their responses are saved directly to their contact record in Darzin.

Quickly make sense
of text-rich feedback

Community feedback is critical to your tracking and reporting on upcoming projects and plans. But the more you receive, the harder it is to make sense of. With Darzin’s unique qualitative analysis features, you can easily develop a true understanding of what your stakeholders are saying.

Easy reporting on results

When you have to report on hundreds - or even thousands - of submissions in a short period of time, reporting has to be fast and easy. Darzin gives you 80+ built-in reports, so you can see the results of your surveys, without any work. You can quickly cross-tab results, see all responses to a single question, all responses from a particular contact, or export lists and reports to Excel for further analysis.

Shared calendar of events

Keep all your key activities and community meetings perfectly coordinated, across all areas of Council, with a shared team calendar.
and letterbox drops
Use Darzin’s property mapping, project updates and disturbances features to send out work notifications and traffic updates, and manage letterbox distribution.
Import all your templates
There’s no need to start from scratch just because you’re introducing a new system. With Dazin, you can import all your existing stakeholders and properties (from Excel spreadsheets or from your property system via our API). You can also use the import functionality to update Darzin’s records on a regular basis (e.g. changes in property ownership).
Manage tasks & commitments
Stay on top of tasks and commitments with automatic notifications and response time tracking.
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Case Studies

Epping Forest District Council – Local Plan Consultation
Epping Forest District Council has been working to produce a new up-to-date Local Plan, which will set out the plans and policies to guide development in Epping Forest District up until 2033. The council consultation was undertaken with complete input from the public. The Draft Local Plan was published for a six-week consultation between October […]
Community Engagement on Future Flood Risks
Lake Macquarie is located on the east coast of Australia and one of the largest cities in New South Wales. Lake Macquarie City Council provides the community with a diverse range of products and services to improve the residents’ lifestyle. In order to manage community engagement, the city council made extensive use of Darzin, stakeholder […]
Townsville City – Community Engagement on Major Projects
Townsville is located about halfway between the tip of Cape York and Brisbane. The Townsville City Council has recently entered the City Deal with the Commonwealth Government and the Queensland Government to deliver a 15 year commitment of working together to plan and deliver transformative outcomes for Townsville and its residents. The CBD Utility Upgrades […]

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