Community Consultation for Australia’s Largest Road Project

Infrastructure Project: Eastlink, Victoria – Thiess John Holland

EastLink is a $2.5 billion mega project connecting Melbourne’s eastern and south-eastern suburbs between the existing Eastern, Monash and Peninsula Freeways. The toll road includes 39 kilometres of roadway, 88 bridges, two tunnels, bicycle and pedestrian paths, and extensive urban design and landscaping. At the time of construction, it was Australia’s largest road infrastructure project, and was completed in June 2008 – five months ahead of schedule. The community consultation for this mega project was done with the implementation of Darzin software.

Community Consultation for Australian’s Biggest Road Project

Australia’s biggest road project ($2.5 billion, 40km) used Darzin to manage its communications program. Considering the size of this project and the high community response standards set by Thiess John Holland, the Eastlink communications team required an efficient system that they could rely on. With Darzin operating on their Citrix server, the communications team could log into the system from any of the site offices to access their information or enter new data with complete confidence about the security of their data.

Consultation with the community resulted in design enhancement and relocation of noise walls to meet concerns regarding proximity and security.  The project also boasts the largest public art program along a major road in Australia.

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Thiess John Holland Project Director Gordon Ralph:

“Relationships with both internal and external stakeholders have also been key to the success of EastLink.

“We have worked side by side with ConnectEast, the Southern Eastern Integrated Transport Authority (SEITA) and reviewers to ensure EastLink was designed and constructed to the highest standards while also optimising the outcomes for the wider community.

“The contribution from our hundreds of subcontractors, our designers, and key technology providers, has been integral to the transport solution that has been adopted on EastLink.

”For years to come EastLink will be regarded as one of Australia’s greatest engineering achievements and Thiess and John Holland are proud to have played a key role in the delivery of this historic piece of Victorian infrastructure”

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