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What we do

We help governments and companies of all sizes understand, structure and implement great stakeholder engagement processes.

We really “get” Stakeholder Engagement. Most of our team have worked in the stakeholder engagement field at senior levels, leading projects and teams, training people, writing government guidelines and more.

Although our “main job” is to design innovative stakeholder management software we are not just a bunch of IT geeks, we take responsibility to make sure our software delivers required outcomes. You can have confidence that you are dealing with a team that understands your needs and is on top of and leading the industry in innovative stakeholder engagement and community consultation practice. We work with you to help you design your project (if you need this help) and identify solutions.

  • Assist you with designing new processes/projects, fixing up existing data, training, coaching, designing for effectiveness and evaluation
  • Design leading industry community and stakeholder engagement approaches into a software solution

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Where it all began

Darzin Software was set up in 2004 by Allison Hendricks. Through her twenty plus years of experience working in the stakeholder engagement field, Allison came to realise the need for simple yet effective consultation management software. Tools of the day (spreadsheets and basic databases) treated the data in very simplistic ways and did nothing to extract any real knowledge from the data. Two key things were missing:

  • The ability to efficiently manage the large volumes of data stakeholder engagement programs can generate
  • The ability to effectively communicate the results of the stakeholder engagement process to the decision makers – turning largely qualitative data into easily understood information

Our Vision

Our vision for Darzin is for informed decisions, leading to better outcomes for our communities. Darzin was created with three main objectives in mind:

  1. Make the process of data management and distribution more efficient
  2. Extract knowledge from qualitative data
  3. Present information in formats easily understood by decision makers.

You will see these objectives reflected in the design of Darzin. Our focus is on streamlining and automating the data collection process where ever possible. We are continuously working to improve the user interface and experience to make Darzin easier and faster to use. Our qualitative analysis tool still remains a key distinguishing factor for Darzin, no other software yet has anything that comes even close to it. Our focus on extracting knowledge from data means that Darzin has over 80 standard reports, including maps, charts, lists and tables.

“I have found Darzin to be one of the easiest and user intuitive programs that I have ever used. The learning curve was very short and before I knew it, I was using the program with confidence. The Darzin staff have been extremely helpful, their service went above and beyond what I would normally expect.”

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