What Many Large Infrastructure Projects Fail to Do?

Infrastructure projects represent a significant portion of the energy and the construction industries. Highways, pipelines, and tunnels are good examples of this type of projects.


Managing Stakeholders beyond Spreadsheets & CRMs

You’re only as strong as your weakest link, which in community engagement can be the systems you use for stakeholder relationship management.



Community engagement always has the potential to spark controversy and require crisis management. Sometimes that can occur despite the best of intentions and engagement approaches.

If crisis[...]


The 8th Step to Successful Stakeholder Engagement

Following on from our popular e-book "Seven Steps to Successful Consultation", we thought we'd look at the next step to success. After you've implemented the seven steps, what comes next? 



Stakeholder Engagement with SMS

Whether it's with a phone call, email, face to face, or a text message, engaging with our communities has never been more important. But what's the best way of getting your message heard/read?


An EPA Act for Better Community Engagement

After almost 40 years, the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act is getting a well-deserved upgrade. Since the EPA Act was established in 1979, we’ve seen communication capabilities skyrocket[...]


Five Steps to Successful Consultation Data Management

Documenting consultation activities and outcomes is vital to effectively managing the engagement process. The overall goal of consultation data management is to:


Engaging the Silent Stakeholders

Community Engagement with Vulnerable Groups

Understanding the impact of equalities such as race, disability or gender is a duty for many Consultors (ie., project proponents, planners, and decision[...]


Darzin Implementation Methodology

"A good idea is 10% inspiration and 90% implementation" (Silicon Valley Guru - Guy Kawaski)

I love this quote not only for its simplicity, but because it reinforces the key role of[...]

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The Art of a Good Question

A guest post from Max Hardy of Max Hardy Consulting.


Community engagement: why qualifications and experience matter

I recently attended the Temple Symposium on Community Engagement in Infrastructure. The topic of formal qualifications and experience levels of engagement practitioners received quite a lot of[...]


Public Consultation in Impact Assessment

"Public consultation in EIA" is a topic generating a lot of questions. I decided to put together a brief introduction of the EIA consultation process, its key elements and some good practice[...]


Artificial Intelligence, Bots and Community Engagement

What is a bot?

Chatbots (bots) are essentially a little bit of software that allows you to communicate with people, en masse, within a Messenger platform. Bots live in the same platform where most[...]


No complaints - successful or suspicious?

I recently read a case study for a project up in Queensland which equated no complaints with success. It made me sigh internally, thinking that as a mature public participation industry we should[...]


Does the Marriage Equality Poll pass the Community Engagement Smell Test?

Reflecting on the debate raging around the community on the issue of the marriage equality poll, I thought it would be interesting to evaluate the process with my community engagement practitioner[...]

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