Community engagement: why qualifications and experience matter

I recently attended the Temple Symposium on Community Engagement in Infrastructure. The topic of formal qualifications and experience levels of engagement practitioners received quite a lot of[...]


Public Consultation in Impact Assessment

"Public consultation in EIA" is a topic generating a lot of questions. I decided to put together a brief introduction of the EIA consultation process, its key elements and some good practice[...]


Artificial Intelligence, Bots and Community Engagement

What is a bot?

Chatbots (bots) are essentially a little bit of software that allows you to communicate with people, en masse, within a Messenger platform. Bots live in the same platform where most[...]


No complaints - successful or suspicious?

I recently read a case study for a project up in Queensland which equated no complaints with success. It made me sigh internally, thinking that as a mature public participation industry we should[...]


Does the Marriage Equality Poll pass the Community Engagement Smell Test?

Reflecting on the debate raging around the community on the issue of the marriage equality poll, I thought it would be interesting to evaluate the process with my community engagement practitioner[...]

Key Elements of Effective Grievance Management

An effective grievance management mechanism is an important social management tool for projects where ongoing risks and adverse impacts are anticipated.

Want a quick guide to effective grievance[...]

Stakeholder engagement performance indicators

The Equator Principles (EPs) and IFC Performance Standards (PS) have been considered as benchmarks in social and environmental policies, procedures and standards relating to project financing[...]

How to prepare for stakeholder consultation compliance audits

People who manage community engagement processes on projects that operate under the government licensing conditions or the lenders’ conditions would agree with me that compliance audits always come[...]

Tips for effective stakeholder engagement on mega projects

Mega construction projects in general are projects with a capital cost in excess of US$1bn, involving a huge number of participants, having significant social and economic impacts, extensive[...]


Principles of good practice Stakeholder Engagement

 There is no one right way to undertake stakeholder engagement. The consultation process should be project-specific and reflect the nature and scale of the potential impacts.


5 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Consultation Data

Do you put a value on your stakeholder and consultation data? If not, why not? You are investing time and resources into collecting that data, perhaps you've also invested in a stakeholder[...]


The importance of closing the loop in public consultation

"In public consultation, as in any personal relationship, continuity and familiarity build trust and understanding."International Finance Corporation, 1998

Closing the loop is a critical part of[...]

7 Hidden Costs of Not Having Stakeholder Management Software

Wondering if you need specialised Stakeholder Management Software like Darzin? This handy infographic covers some of the 'hidden' costs of not having an adequate system to manage your Public[...]


Selecting the right consultation management/stakeholder relationship management tool


Trying to decide between a CRM (Customer Relation Management) product and a SRMS (Stakeholder Relationship Management System) can be tricky if you haven't been exposed to any of these types of[...]

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