A list of stakeholder management software products

List of Stakeholder management software – Updated 13 Dec 11 (download link)

A few months ago a post from Jamie Love asking for advice on stakeholder management software attracted a large number of responses and recommendations. A few of the software packages mentioned were a surprise to me as well – and I work in this industry! There are so many packages out there, and so many different criteria for comparing and evaluating them that I decided to compile them in one list. I have picked out the main features/characteristics mentioned by the people who left comments. If the people leaving comments also included details such as a website address, I have added them to the list.

If there are other items that should be on this list – both in terms of criteria/features and other products, please do get in touch and let me know.

If you are associated with one of these products and would like to send through information to help me fill in this list, I would really appreciate it. Please email details to me directly (allison-at-darzin-dot-com). Please restrict your descriptions to no more than 20 words for each column. I promise to update the list (and the link to the document) regularly until we get a comprehensive listing of all products.

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Allison is the founder and Director of Darzin Software. After 15 years consulting and advising Governments and Businesses on stakeholder engagement, she decided to turn her attention to creating software to support the development of better stakeholder relationships and extracting true meaning from stakeholder data.