Darzin Implementation Methodology

December 22nd, 2017

“A good idea is 10% inspiration and 90% implementation”
(Silicon Valley Guru – Guy Kawaski)

I love this quote not only for its simplicity, but because it reinforces the key role of implementation to the success of any product or service. For this purpose, the Darzin Implementation Methodology was created.

However, although I am sure we all recognise the importance of implementation the task of embarking on the process can often be daunting. As a result, implementation is often delayed or put in the ‘too hard’ basket due to perceived time and effort required but in my experience, this is a misnomer. When broken down into key steps Implementation is a surprisingly simple and straight forward process. All that is required is the commitment to ‘just do it’….and a proven implementation model to follow.

4 key steps to a successful Darzin Implementation


Generally, the groundwork for this stage has been done as part of the decision to purchase a Stakeholder Engagement tool. Therefore, use the business objectives established as part of the procurement process to guide the implementation and ensure the desired outcomes are achieved. Key elements of the preparation stage include:

  • Document the outputs required as they can be used to inform the site configuration.
  • Review existing data taking time to identify what data is to be included in the new system and collect this together into one format.
  • Devise a project plan with a target go live date to drive resources and provide staff with an end-game for their efforts.


The Darzin Implementation Methodology will take the strain here and complete initial site configuration based on the business objectives and sample data you have established in step 1 (Prepare). The site will be demonstrated to your project team and a sample walkthrough of the product will be completed as a ‘proof of concept’ exercise. If we are ‘close to the mark’ we will release site to you for you to complete a further detailed review of the configuration. The key tasks to be completed at this stage are:

  • Review stakeholder data to Darzin to ensure it is complete.
  • Review configuration data and confirm it is ‘fit for purpose’.


  • Once the site is released you have the opportunity to put in some sample interaction data and effectively determine the process flow for your engagement model in Darzin. We provide assistance along the way during this process including updating the configuration to meet your requirements, running reports to establish business objectives are achieved, assisting with the documentation of process flow and finally, completing the full Stakeholder data migration. There are two key outputs from this exercise
  • Defined Process flow to be used for Training Purposes
  • Sign off of site configuration


Software deployment is often more akin to a change management exercise. We at Darzin can ensure the site is in a go live ready state and, train your nominated Administrator(s) to be able to maintain the site moving forward. Effective communication of what the software is to achieve and why people should use it will ultimately determine the success of the project. Make sure the benefits of the system are emphasized as much as the process, and the deployment and solution adoption will be far easier.

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