Easier data classification and additional levels of confidential access

December 19th, 2016

We’ve streamlined the classification process to make it faster and easier to work with large volumes of text. You don’t need all that text to show up in your reports. Now you can highlight and save the piece of text that matter most for your stakeholder’s interaction. With easier data classification, you can control your data better!

You can now create as many levels of confidential access as you like and assign them to different team members. All communications can now be flagged to any of those confidential levels and reporting and visibility of data will be determined by the users level of access to the data. Streamline your work process within team to ensure high level access is only given to those members who need it and control access to ensure privacy conditions are met.

Some additional changes to improve the Outlook plug-in and make it more compatible with Outlook 2010. Keeping up with changing and improving technology is our priority to make sure our software works best and better at every turn. This in turn helps Darzin help you succeed in stakeholder relationship management as you need it. We understand how frustrating it can be to use a software that is difficult, hard to use or outdated, so we always want to make our software one that is user friendly, helpful and assures you with confidence that you are meeting compliance needs.

For more information on easier data classification/confidential access, or to join a webinar to review these changes, please get in touch with us.