Lotus Notes, Group wise plug-in. Expanded complaint management

December 19th, 2016

Lotus Notes and Groupwise plug-ins to make it easy to move contacts and emails between Lotus Notes or Groupwise and Darzin.

A new complaints page –  attach communications, stakeholders, properties and actions to a complaint. Categorise the issues raised using the classification tree. Set reminders. Create My Fields for complaints – good for those of you who need to track additional details for complaints such as if they are reportable. Now your issues management can be better than ever – more cohesive and you stay in control of all the information at every step.

Change to the email settings for a project – can be set to be common for all users in a project (previously the email box and settings were linked to individual users)

Searches, adding stakeholders to communications and reports will all follow contact group hierarchy. When you select a contact group to add to a communication or for a report, Darzin will now automatically include its sub-groups.

For example if you have a group called Government with sub-groups of State Government and Local Government, when you select to report at “Government” or add it to a communication, members from the two sub groups will also be included. This makes it easier to keep all the stakeholder information in the tree-branch like structure better organised.

We understand how important it is to segment your stakeholders properly, that’s why we’ve paid attention to how our hierarchy can help you understand and report on your stakeholders. To really drill down on the information you need at each level.

Contact us if you have any questions or need any extra support.