Lotus Notes, Group wise plug-in. Expanded complaint management

December 19th, 2016

Lotus Notes and Groupwise plug-ins to make it easy to move contacts and emails between Lotus Notes or Groupwise and Darzin.

A new complaints page –  attach communications, stakeholders, properties and actions to a complaint. Categorise the issues raised using the classification tree. Set reminders. Create My Fields for complaints – good for those of you who need to track additional details for complaints such as if they are reportable.

Change to the email settings for a project – can be set to be common for all users in a project (previously the email box and settings were linked to individual users)

Searches, adding stakeholders to communications and reports will all follow contact group hierarchy. When you select a contact group to add to a communication or for a report, Darzin will now automatically include its sub-groups. For example if you have a group called Government with sub-groups of State Government and Local Government, when you select to report at “Government” or add it to a communication, members from the two sub groups will also be included