More features added to surveys

December 19th, 2016

The survey function is certainly proving to be very popular with clients. We have seen clients use this function to manage everything from online submissions to detailed surveys to event registrations. As a result, we have added some extra functions to the survey tool, including:

  • Headings  – use headings to group questions into different sections
  • New question types – rank items and a date selection question type
  • Map survey results – surveys that are published on your website will now automatically have the location of the respondent plotted on a map that is included on the survey page. This is a good way to see where your responses are coming from, even if your survey is totally anonymous
  • More reports – the reports have been expanded to include the ability to cross-tab results (eg view all responses to people who answered a question with response X), print detailed reports including a chart per question.
  • Send automatic email responses – this function will be particularly good for managing event registrations. You can set an automatic email message to be sent to each respondent as soon as they submit a survey response. The email message could include the location of the meeting for example and confirm their place at the event.
  • Allow multiple responses from the same device – the default setting for Darzin surveys is to limit the number of responses from each device to prevent multiple responses from being sent from the same computer ‘spamming’ your results. We now have a tick box option that allows you to bypass this limit when you want to allow multiple responses from the same device. For example, you may want to use a laptop or iPad to collect feedback on a survey form at an event. This option will allow you to use the same iPad to collect multiple responses.

As well as these new features, we have also made some slight changes to improve the user interface and flow on this survey page. For example, we have included an icon on the survey page itself to publish the survey to your website (instead of finding the icon on the search survey page as it was before).

We hope you like the changes we have made as part of our aim to continually improve Darzin.

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