Stakeholder Engagement with SMS

March 15th, 2018

Whether it’s with a phone call, email, face to face, or a text message, engaging with our communities has never been more important. In the crazy mess of the 21st century, how do we get the most out of our stakeholder engagement efforts?

Using text messages in community engagement

SMS in community engagement


A recent study suggests that only 24% of people open emails from campaigns or organisations. People tend to ignore emails they’re not expecting, and certainly, don’t respond to them.

Text messaging is the most used data service in the world, with adults under 45 sending and receiving over 85 texts a day on average. It’s also interesting to note that most text messages are opened within 3 minutes of being posted, and they have a 99% open rate. Considerably better than email!

It’s also a fantastic way to save time. Texting is ten times quicker than having a phone conversation, and you can get your message out to multiple people in one go. For time management – an essential part of stakeholder engagement – texting is critical.

People who receive your message can view them when they are free. The ball is in their court, and they won’t feel hassled or distracted. Texting is a non-intrusive way to communicate with your stakeholders.

Text with Darzin Software

stakeholder relationship management solution


Seeing the need for this vital form of communication, Darzin Version 5 has been updated to support text messaging capabilities. Our stakeholder engagement software can now send messages to distribution lists or individual stakeholders. Just write your text, choose the stakeholders you wish to engage with, and with the click of a button, you’re good to go! Notify your stakeholders of critical incidents, or send them a reminder of an upcoming event – all of this is now even easier to manage in Darzin.

send texts with stakeholder management software


We can also provide you with information on the newest release of the Darzin App. Feedback on the App has been excellent so if you haven’t tried it out as yet, make sure you do!

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