Wondering where to post your social media engagements?

May 12th, 2016

Are you wondering how to make the best of your social media engagements?

There are many different social media platforms these days, and many different reasons to post your thoughts, ideas, or commentary. Here’s an interesting look at the reasons for posting your engagements and where to post them.

Wondering where to post your social media engagements?

(Source: The original website source has since been closed so this link has been removed)

In short – if there’s a chance your boss or your parents will see it and you are not comfortable with having a conversation in person about this to them, or them knowing anything about your post: don’t post!

On the bright side, there are so many varieties of platform online for social media engagements that it can suit your every need. Whenever you have a stray thought or idea you want to share with others, or even just write it down for your own future reference. You have several different options which can also help you select who has access to your posts. If it’s personal, private and you don’t want anyone finding it.

Another thing of note not touched in the image above, but social media engagements can also be entirely anonymous. This can either be a good thing or a bad, but the fact remains you don’t even have to share your identity to express your thoughts.

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