WORD Plug-In: Work Seamlessly Between Word and Darzin

An exciting new plug-in that allows you to work seamlessly between Darzin and Microsoft Word. Create an interaction from within Word itself or pull an interaction from Darzin to Word. Classify the content while you are working in Word and it is all automatically saved in Darzin.

Those of you working with long, complex documents are going to love the flexibility this new plug-in delivers for you.

Download the new plug-in from the Admin menu and follow the prompts to install it (hint: installation is similar to the steps you take to install the email plug-ins.)

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About the Author:

Allison is the founder and Director of Darzin Software. After 15 years consulting and advising Governments and Businesses on stakeholder engagement, she decided to turn her attention to creating software to support the development of better stakeholder relationships and extracting true meaning from stakeholder data.