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The Darzin Roadmap

We update Darzin (and our new product Simply Stakeholders) on average once a month. Suggestions from clients for new features and improvements drives most of our work, as well as some research projects and our own wish list for the product. We practice what we preach about stakeholder engagement – we welcome feedback from our clients and act on it! Below are some highlights of major releases and a few plans for the future. This page is updated regularly so do stop by and check it out again, or get in touch with us directly using the form on the right.

2018 – Delivered

Latest release:
  • Fully responsive design – you can now use Darzin on any device!
Previous releases:
  • The Darzin App for Android and iOS released in early January 2018.  Early feedback has been really positive and we’re pretty chuffed with how it’s looking and functioning. Further additions to the App will dominate much of the early part of the year with more features and functions to be released every few weeks.
  • Darzin API
  • SMS (text message) notifications
  • New and revised Reports
  • Right-click to open multiple records on multiple tabs


  • Integration with Engagement HQ
  • Stakeholder Mapping – rank a stakeholder against criteria for Interest, Influence and Impact. Report on Stakeholders and Interactions in relation to Stakeholder Mapping fields.
  • Updates to the Groupmail function
  • A new product – Simply Stakeholders (


We have a number of exciting new projects on our books for 2018 and can’t wait to share more details of them with you. We will add to this page as the year progresses and include more details on some of the projects as they get closer to fruition.

  • More updates to the App
  • Stakeholder Mapping – a whole new system for mapping stakeholders along with special reports. A few clients have been given a sneak peek at the specifications for this function and there’s certainly a lot of interest in seeing it delivered ASAP! – delivered
  • Reports – a major review of Reports was started in 2017 and will continue through 2018 as we work on making the reports easier to use – ongoing
  • Look out for more integrations with other systems using the Darzin API – delivered
  • Management Dashboards
  • Event Management function
  • A special project using Artificial Intelligence – delivered


Launch and Refinement of Version 5

After a mamoth effort, Version 5 of Darzin was launched for the start of 2017 and we began the process of migrating clients over to the new version. Much of 2017 was focussed on adding to and refining the version.

Major additions/new features:

  • Skip logic for surveys was a major change to the function. A number of other changes were also made to the survey funciton to support it’s use by Local Councils and State Government Agencies in particular who use our survey function to manage online submissions.
  • Groupmail has been streamlined to make it easier to send out group emails directly from your own Outlook/Lotus Notes account
  • Our Client Rewards/points tracking system that we introduced in this new version has been very positively received by clients, particularly those with large teams who love how it supports their aims of getting people to more consistently enter data and keep records up to date in Darzin. We did some further refinements to the team leaderboard function as a result.
  • New and refined reports, especially R2, R13, R15, R28 and R82
  • A lot of work has gone into designing and building a new App for Darzin which had its soft release in December to select clients
  • We’ve built a Darzin API to make it easier to integrate with other systems