The Darzin Roadmap

Darzin Roadmap

We update Darzin (and our new product Simply Stakeholders) on average once a month. Suggestions from clients for new features and improvements drive most of our work, as well as some research projects and our own wish list for the product. We practice what we preach about stakeholder engagement – we welcome feedback from our clients and act on it! Below are some highlights of major releases and a few plans for the future. This page is updated regularly so do stop by and check it out again, or get in touch with us directly using the form on the right.

Coming Soon to 2021

  • Drill-down Dashboard Charts
  • New Dashboard and Smart Reports
  • Event Management
  • Better Task and Workflow Management


Latest Release – March

Introducing templates in group mail and invitation buttons

Three new stakeholder mapping criteria being Position, Criticality, and Effort.

Track a full history of stakeholder mapping fields as they change

‘Position and Criticality’ dashboard widget

  • Access the level of risk that your team has with each stakeholder and how critical it is to engage them for the success of the overall project.


Drilled Down Stakeholder Mapping Engagement Values

  • View all your stakeholders who you have and haven’t engaged with based on their stakeholder mapping value. You can now see a list of stakeholders you haven’t engaged with recently in high influence mapping value



Survey functionality improvements Personalize surveys with different colors, fonts, and images. Refinements to the Smart Search
New Gmail Add-In Select Gmail contacts to be saved as stakeholders Autosave all future emails to and from a contact Save emails as Interactions and linked to correct stakeholders
Minor UI changes
Integrate your Darzin account with hundreds of other applications via the new Zapier Integration. The Zapier integration allows for interactions and stakeholders within other platforms to be automatically saved into Darzin. Expanded Smart Search – with prompts and filters to help you find exactly what you are looking for, anywhere in Darzin.
Smart Search Search for just about anything using a keyword style of search query – words that might exist in an interaction, or in the about field for a stakeholder. Easier navigation with an integrated chrome back button. Improvements to Password security
New Interface – streamline the user experience and navigating between records View all activities with the stakeholder on one Activity tab, including the ability to view the entire interaction without needing to open the record.
Improved display for surveys and ability to add text and pictures throughout the survey. Introduced the primary feature by adding a ‘Star’ to the primary contact details or stakeholders
Added classification tree as a filter for searching interactions and complaints. Improvements to the Survey function


New reports. Stakeholder Mapping – map your stakeholders on Influence, Interest, and Impact. Dashboard charts including Scattergram, Activity tracking based on Stakeholder Mapping Values and Pie Chart distribution Track how Stakeholder Mapping values change over time Artificial Intelligence-based Sentiment Analysis New Outlook add-in Autosave all future emails to and from a contact Save an email as a complaint (or a standard interaction). Improvements to the Survey function. Outlook Calendar Integration. Single Sign-on


Fully responsive design – you can now use Darzin on any device! The Darzin App for Android and iOS released in early January 2018. Darzin API SMS (text message) notifications New and revised Reports Right-click to open multiple records on multiple tabs multi-tab Integration with Engagement HQ Stakeholder Mapping – rank a stakeholder against criteria for Interest, Influence and Impact. Report on Stakeholders and Interactions in relation to Stakeholder Mapping fields. A new product – Simply Stakeholders (