Smart plug-ins

The Darzin email plug-in let’s you push emails from your email account to Darzin with two mouse clicks. If the stakeholder exists in Darzin, it will link the email to their record. If they don’t exist, Darzin will create a stakeholder with the details it picks up from their email signature.

The email plug-in also links to our groupmail function. Set up a distribution list in Darzin, create a beautiful email newsletter, and from the plug-in call the distribution list and newsletter and send the emails from your own email account. No additional cost involved. You can do the same thing for sending out surveys to stakeholders. Easy.

Long text-rich documents to analyse? No problem with the Darzin Word plug-in. Do the classifying of data in Word itself and then save it to Darzin. A great function for those long submission documents.

Enter data while on the road

Use Darzin’s Quick Data Entry Form or the App to enter interaction and stakeholder records quickly from your mobile device while on the road.

Integrate with other systems

The Darzin user interface has been designed for easy data entry. One page forms guide you through all the information you need to enter for a record – to create accurate, complete records and high quality data. With a simple to use and ‘clean’ interface, entering data in fast and easy in Darzin version 5.

At Darzin we are continuously working to improve the user experience, to reduce the number of mouse-clicks required for each task. We welcome suggestions and feedback and work closely with our clients to implement that feedback.

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