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Automatic Reports

Set up reports to run and be emailed to you automatically, on a schedule that suits you. And with over 80 reports in Darzin, you will have a lot to choose from. A ‘no touch’ approach to getting the right reports, to the right people, at the right time.

Make sense of your data

Darzin’s unique integrated qualitative, quantitative and spatial analysis gives you more meaningful information from your data. Drill down to the comments on specific issues, map where they originated, or track how issues trend over time.

Stakeholder Mapping

Map the impact | influence | interest of your key stakeholders and track how often you engage with each of these segments of stakeholders over the course of your program. Create your own Custom Fields in Darzin to track additional information on your stakeholders such as demographics, relationship status and more.

Don’t lose track of your commitments

Create tasks, assign them to team members and track them until they are closed. Flag an action to a stakeholder, property, grievance or interaction. Set up automatic notification and escalation rules so you get email or text reminders.

Motivate your team to record data

Our focus on ease-of-use and automating processes helps make it easier for the team to enter data. We’ve also created a points and skill tracking system based on adult learning principles to help encourage (and track) how the team is going with using Darzin.

Manage all stakeholder interactions

When you view a Stakeholder record in Darzin, you see all the interactions anyone from your team has had with them, across all channels of communication. Meetings, submissions, social media, media and more are all integrated in Darzin. No more silos of data!


Staying on top of what’s happening in your project is easy with Darzin’s Dashboard. Issue trends and charts, calendar showing upcoming events, open tasks and grievances needing attention, a feed of recent interactions and recently added stakeholders, social media feeds, and more.

Faster data capture

Darzin has a number of automations and tools that make data capture faster and seamless. For example, with the Email plug-in you can save an email to Darzin with two  mouse-clicks and it will link the email to an existing stakeholder or create a new stakeholder at the same time.

Access/enter data while on the road

Use Darzin’s App or Quick Data Entry form to quickly and easily enter records via your mobile device. Or enter details of your meetings via the Calendar page – in just a few keystrokes you can create a meeting, link it to stakeholders or other team members and enter notes of your conversation.

Up-to-date, shared Stakeholder Lists

With Darzin you know that stakeholder lists are always up-to-date, they are easy to maintain and share across teams. Choose what you share and save time reinventing lists each time you start a new project. Updates only  need to be made once, in any project.

Issues Management

Go beyond basic issue counts – drill down to the comments made on the issue, or map them. Track trends over time. Get more granular issue lists, not just a flat tick-the-box list. Change your lists to reflect emerging issues….do all this and more with Darzin.

Automatic ‘analysis’ with Tag Clouds

Stay on top of emerging issues via the automatically generated Tag Clouds that pick up commonly used words across all your interactions. See Keywords, Contact Groups, Classification categories and more represented in Tag Clouds.

Social Media Integration

Integrate Facebook and Twitter directly in Darzin. Apply Darzin’s unique qualitative analysis to this social media data. And see social media data included in your reports on issues, trends and more.

Online Engagement

Online data capture forms, embedded on your own website. And what’s more, the data integrates with all your other engagement data and your stakeholder data.

Use Maps to build your database

Click on any property on the map and the system will automatically pick up the address and save the property to your database. Makes setting up letter-box distribution areas and recording your bulk distributions a breeze.

Comply with Statutory Requirements

Darzin has a number of measures in place to comply with Privacy legislation and the Data Protection Act. Darzin also helps you meet your Statutory obligations in terms of record keeping, reporting and managing of grievances.

Security: Keep your IT team happy

With 128 bit SSL, ISO 27001, ASIO T4, top rated Tier 1 data centres (in Sydney and Slough UK), DMZ dedicated firewall, an excellent SLA for support services, your IT are sure to give Darzin the tick of approval.

Integrate with other systems

As well as plug-ins for Outlook and Lotus Notes, Darzin also has a Microsoft Word plug-in enabling you to conduct Darzin’s special qualitative analysis within Word itself. Talk to us about integration with GIS system, document management systems, and online engagement systems.