Stakeholder Mapping Tips Going Beyond Quadrants

May 28th, 2021

Learn practical Stakeholder Mapping Tips for getting more actionable insights from your stakeholder analysis.

In this webinar, the experts Philippe Borremans and Allison Hendricks
have an open discussion about best practices on Stakeholder Management and Stakeholder Mapping Tips.
Stakeholder mapping is the visual process of laying out all the stakeholders of a product, project, or idea on one map. A stakeholder map’s major value is that it provides a visual picture of all the people who can influence your project and how they are related.
When it comes to assessing the impact and interest of project stakeholders, stakeholder mapping is crucial. Knowing how to classify and handle stakeholders will have an impact on the project’s success, and having a stakeholder map can help you navigate around barriers more efficiently.
In the following video, we will learn about:
  • Stakeholder engagement definitions and terms
  • Stakeholder Mapping Models and Tips
  • Stakeholder Mapping Challenges
  • How Stakeholder Mapping can be More Valuable and Influence the entire Engagement Process
  • How to Track Stakeholder Engagement
  • How to identify and deal with Key Stakeholders
  • Stakeholder Management Best Practices


If you’d like to explore this and other topics related to stakeholder engagement and stakeholder mapping, keep an eye out for the regular webinars we run or get in touch and let us what topics you would like us to explore.