Peel Energy – Scout Moor Expansion Planning Application Consultation

Peel Energy is at the forefront of delivering low carbon energy for the UK. Peel Energy has a balanced portfolio in generation or development including wind, tidal and hydro power, solar power and biomass. The company is responsible for the development of over 200MW of renewable energy across the UK, enough to power over 123,500 homes. Public consultation for Peel Energy is critical for the success of projects.

Scout Moor is a 26-turbine onshore wind farm on moorland in the South Pennines which generates renewable electricity for 40,000 homes. Scout Moor Wind Farm was promoted by Peel and has been operational from 2008.  After four years of successful operation and management, Peel sold its remaining interest in Scout Moor to MEAG in October 2012.


Public Consultation

Scout Moor Wind Farm. Photo credit: Peel Energy


In 2011 Peel started a proposal to expand the Scout Moor to add 16 wind turbines to the north of, and on land between the existing turbines and access tracks of Scout Moor Wind Farm. If go head, Scout Moor will be England’s largest onshore wind farm.

community engagement

Scout Moor Expansion Proposal. Photo credit: Peel Energy

The Planning Applications were submitted to both Rochdale and Rossendale Councils in 2015 and were accompanied by a detailed Environmental Impact Assessment. Prior to the applications being submitted, Peel had carried out extensive pre-application consultation with the local community, stakeholders, landowners and common right holders. Peel and their consultants Pendragon implemented Darzin in 2013 as a stakeholder engagement system for collecting, analysis and reporting on stakeholder support and feedback. Public consultation was the leading priority for Peel Energy in engaging with the community.


stakeholder engagement

Consultation on the Scout Moor Expansion. Photo credit: Peel Energy


Planning permission was granted by both Rochdale and Rossendale councils in September 2015 but the government called in the decision in December. A public inquiry into the proposal was conducted in October 2016. The Inspector will submit his report to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government on or before 3 April 2017. The Secretary of State will then issue his decision based on the Inspector’s findings.


stakeholder relationship management

Scout Moor Expansion Public Hearing. Photo credit: BBC News


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